Traditional French Mimes

Mime Artist - Richard Knight 8Mime Artist - Ellie Chester 3

The traditional walk about, meet & greet French Mime characters will create all the usual mime illusions and interact with guests where ever they go, bringing the perfect blend of light humour and enchantment to all whom they meet.

Charlie Chaplin – Lookalike

Chaplin & Flapper Gros Hotel 10Chaplin & Flapper Gros Hotel 5

The infamous Charlie Chaplin silent movie character works well in any situation that requires physical comedy. 1920’s themes, Hollywood themes or general fun party atmosphere occasions. Can be accompanied by a Flapper Girl or Harold Lloyd also.

Venetian/Edwardian Mimes

Mime Artist - Edwardian 3Mime Artist - Edwardian 1

These characters are perfect for Venetian or Edwardian themed events that require themed comedy for any meet & greet / mix & mingle occasions.

Victorian Mime Clowns

Victorian Clowns 1 Victorian Clowns 3

The Victorian Mime Clowns are the old traditional Tramp Style Vaudeville Clowns which are perfect for circle or Victorian themed events.

Airmen Mimes

Mime Artist - Airmen 2Mime Airmen

These Mime Airmen fit in anywhere that an air or flight theme is required. Ideal for Air Shows, Festivals and corporate events.


Royal Footmen 

(Talking Comedy Characters)

Footmen - Talking Walkabout Entertainment 2 Footmen - Talking Walkabout Entertainment 3 for more details…

Other Acts abroad:

Magician in Switzerland: Zauberer “Magic Dean”


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